Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Time......

Hello Everyone....... I hope you all are having a wonderful Monday, Its been cold and raining so I have been working on my Spring Offerings I have made Faux Topiary's,  and wool Items and lots more I have been buisy today now Im taking a short break then I will get back at it, today I got new antique Putz sheeps and I just love them you can also go to my picturetrail to see a few more that I have here is a picture of the new one's they are SWEET AS PIE.... :)  I will keep you all posted on the SPRING OFFERINGS Have a wonderful day my friends and Thank you all so much for being apart of Homestead I apperciate you all  :) :) :)

Kind Regards.... Jenn


  1. Jenn, I love these too. They are some of my favorites, I have a couple(don't know if they are PUTZ or not). But, I don't care....they are so precious. I've been on the look out for some more too. Best of Luck on your search, but please save me a few. OK???? :D

    Huge Hug,